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Meet the Yoni Temple Team!

We’re fully settled into our new location in Rockridge, Oakland and with this exciting new chapter also comes some beautiful new faces!

We thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce you to the whole team:

Carrie - she/her - Wax Priestess

Carrie loves spending her time tinkering in the garden, loving her husband and dogs, and doing yoga. Through her wanderlust she became very interested in skincare and overall well-being. Traveling the world has led her to this space she holds. Being a licensed esthetician for over 11 years, she's honed her skills as a master waxer/healer. Her compassionate nature and understanding of the skin has made her a warm and nurturing waxer. Connection of honesty and trust is what she brings to the table and maybe a giggle or two.

Tessa - they/them - Spa Manager Originally from the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, Tessa has always been interested in beauty, wellness, and holistic healing. They fell in love with the Bay Area for it’s culture and creativity and moved here for college where they studied Marketing. Their passions include social justice, mental health, and everything sparkly. In their freetime, you’ll find them thrift shopping, studying astrology, or searching for the best honeydew boba in town.

Shymell - she/her - Wax Priestess

Shymell is a CA licensed Esthetician with 12 years of experience working in the field of both waxing and skincare. She has a great passion for wellness and skincare and enjoys taking care of others. Shymell grew up in the Bay Area and has spent most of her life here in Oakland. In her spare time, she loves to go hiking all over the Bay Area, particularly the East Bay hills. Being in nature is her happy place. She has a passion for decorating and is always trying to find new ways to express her creativity.

Jess - she/her - Wax Priestess

Jess is a Bay Area native with a passion for healing and working with her hands. If she’s not catching up with her extended family on a rooftop, she’s doing bodywork on either herself or others, on a hike in the redwoods or elbow-deep in some delicious experiment in her kitchen. With ten years of experience as an Esthetician, she found that waxing, specifically, presented a special atmosphere where she could connect to and nurture her clients on a multitude of levels.

Ava - she/her - Front Desk Goddess

Ava is a very energetic and friendly native of the Bay Area. She loves going to the beach, spending time with her loved ones, trying new foods, traveling and listening to music. Healing is a passion of Ava’s and she is currently a psychology student who hopes to heal and help many in the future!

Desiree - she/they - Wax Priestess

Desiree is a career activist and intimacy geek based in Berkeley, CA. They are passionate about social justice, honest self-work and plant identification. In their spare time they’re as likely to be at their sewing machine as they are on their bike. Desiree appreciates the power of waxing as an act of self-love and bodily reclamation. She believes in taking care of ourselves and feeling good in our bodies.

Gloria - she/her - Wax Priestess

Gloria is a Bay Area Native with a passion for healing. Family, food and her fur babies are her joy. When out of the treatment room, she can be found traveling the world, having new adventures, or just enjoying the simple things in life.

Ashley - she/her - Owner & Founder

11 years ago, Ashley opened the doors of the Temple with the intention to create a safe and sacred space for everyone. Ashley is a yoga and meditation teacher, alchemist, clinical herbalist and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. In her free time she loves to be in nature, especially by the ocean. Ashley has an appetite for travel and amazing food. She loves creating beautiful spaces and giving hugs.


We’re so lucky to have such an amazing and diverse team that truly loves what they do. Whether you have a favorite esthetician you always see or like to try someone new each time, you’re in great hands.

Hope to see you soon!

Love, Ava (she/her), Desiree (she/they), Jess (she/her), Tessa (they/them), Shymell (she/her), Gloria (she/her), Carrie (she/her), Ashley (she/her)

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