Is Waxing right for me?

Waxing is appropriate for almost everyone.  It is normal to experience redness, swelling, spots and sensitivity for the first few hours up to a day or two if you have sensitive skin.  At The Yoni Temple I use organic pre and post skin care treatments to reduce irritation and discomfort.  Waxing should be avoided if you are currently using the following medications: Accutane, Differin Gel, Retin-A, Strivectin, Benzoyl Peroxide and various other acne medications.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

In preparation for your waxing appointment it is recommended to avoid caffeine and alcohol 24 hours before your waxing service.  They are stimulants and increase your blood flow which can contribute to more redness and swelling.  Ideally the hair needs to be approximately 1/4-1/2in long, if the hair is longer than 1/2inch,  I recommend trimming before you come in.  If you have been shaving allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks growth before a wax to allow your hair follicles to reproduce.


Can I get waxed when I am menstruating (on my period)?

Yes.  At The Yoni Temple we wear gloves and sanitize after every client and honor the natural cycles of a woman's body with a positive attitude.  Please wear a tampon, diva cup or sea sponge for your session.  Different waxing studios have different rules so always check with your waxer to see if it is ok with them. 


What do I do after my waxing session?

For the first 24-48 hours after waxing avoid sun exposure, tanning booths, sauna, hot tubs, vigorous sweating activities (hot yoga, bike rides) and strong exfoliation of the area.  After 48 hours it is helpful to exfoliate the area 3-5 times a week in the shower with a synthetic loofah or gloves to prevent ingrown hairs.  You can use an anti-bacterial skin wash, such as Tea Tree, in the shower every day to soften the skin and exfoliate if you have a tendency towards ingrown hairs.   

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