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The Ultimate Valentine’s Workshop for Couples

Unlocking the senses and increasing pleasure

February 14th 2019  7pm-9:30pm  $159 per couple

Oakland, CA    location TBA

Valentine’s can be a holiday you love or hate. The pressure of finding something romantic and creative to do for your sweetie can be daunting. Every year Ashley Apple offers a 2 hour workshop for couples on Valentine’s day, no matter what day of the week it is. What could be more creative and inspiring then taking your lover to a class where you will spend the time together going deeper into your connection and intimacy while learning fun techniques that you can take into the bedroom later. The workshop is a magical 2 hour experience faciltiating your connection deepening. You will be lead through exercises that will support your love, chemistry and passion. You don’t need to bring a notebook or worry about mastering skills. It’s all about being present and having fun with each other. Treat you and your lover to a night of playful deepening. Expect lots of chocolate, fruit, libations and treats!

Some of the juicy topics:

Sensual empathy, conscious touch, different qualities of sexual energy, heart opening, communication, Tantra/Taoist exercises for enhancing pleasure and sensation and unlocking the senses.

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