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The Kama Sutra Kitchen with Ashley Apple

A Valentine’s Workshop with Herbal Aphrodisiacs

February 12th, 2023    11am - 12pm    Live Online

Discover the physical and energetic effects of herbs that increase sexual desire, sensation and pleasure.  In this class we will explore a brief history and introduction to herbal aphrodisiacs. Learn how to use herbs to enhance pleasure and orgasm. Together we will make a delicious aphrodisiac libation that enhances pleasure, sensation and desire. A delicious ceremonial chocolate based beverage that will enhance your date night and sacred intimacy. 


Ashley Apple is Certified herbalist, Yoga & Meditation teacher and founder of The Yoni Temple. She has been teaching retreats and workshops around the world on holistic health, alchemy with herbal medicine, meditation and yoga for over 20 years.


Once you register you will be sent a zoom invite and the recipe we will be making with the ingredient list.

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