Welcome to The Yoni Temple!


Nevada City

Imagine a safe, sacred space where you can relax and feel pampered while receiving a wax.  The Yoni Temple has a unique and distinctive approach to waxing.  We use organic, single ingredient products on the skin to ensure the best results.  We use high quality hard and soft waxes from France and Italy. We are always exploring new topical treatments like CBD and ingrown peel masks to support the skin. Our waxing technique incorporates body mechanics and energetic awareness so you can relax into the experience and have little to no discomfort.  We choose therapeutic grade essential oils to diffuse in the room to support a healthy immune system and relaxed nervous system. Our music is curated to create a nourishing ambiance.  All of our wax specialists have incredible skills and trained to educate and inform for pre and post waxing so you maintain super smooth skin.  We spend more time with each client creating a sense of safety, trust and friendship.  We believe in body positivity and want to support you feeling radiant and glorious. We aren't anti-hair, we are pro self-love and body positivity, however that looks for you. We attract a lot of clients who have never been waxed before because of our sensitivity and attention to detail. Truly a temple space to honor the beauty of the body.






Both locations are OPEN

COVID Update:
We are taking extra steps in disinfection in compliance with the CDC and recommended protocols. We have essential oils diffusing for airborne pathogens, required mask wearing and surface cleaning before and after every client.  We ask you only arrive 5 minutes early to allow space between clients.  We have extended our service times for extra sanitation.

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