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Maintain the Perfect wax: essential aftercare tips!

Follow these essential aftercare tips to get the best results from your wax. Each tip is suggested to help with redness, discomfort, and for the prevention of ingrown hairs! 

Tip #1

Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment and immediately after your wax - consider flowy dresses, pants, or joggers. Avoid tight jeans, leggings, and undies for 24-48 hours after your wax. 

Tip #2

Avoid sun exposure, tanning booths, sauna, hot tubs, and vigorous sweating activities (hot yoga, bike rides and sexy time with a lover) for 24 hours minimum after your wax.

Tip #3

After 48 hours it's helpful to exfoliate the area in the shower to prevent ingrown hairs. We suggest using an anti-bacterial scrub, such as Tea Tree and salicylic acid or your Yoni Temple ingrown serum!

Tip #4

Book your next appointment before you leave. Consistency is key! Waxing every 4 weeks keeps your hair on a maintenance schedule and allows you to achieve the super smooth results you are looking for.


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