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How to Yoni Steam at Home

Here at the Yoni Temple, we specialize in all things “Yoni” and would love to offer some more great Yoni love rituals to treat yourself to!

Yoni Steaming at Home

The History

Yoni or "V" steaming has been practiced for hundreds of years by a variety of cultures and communities in Africa (Mozambique, South Africa), Asia (Indonesia, Thailand), and Central America (among the Q'eqchi' people)

The Benefits

Yoni Steaming is said to assist in the body's natural cleansing process, help with relaxation, easing PMS symptoms, and pre & post-natal care, as well as being a luxurious self-care ritual to reconnect with your body

The Ingredients

Our custom steam blend features soothing yet powerful herbs like:

  • Marshmallow - to soothe muscles

  • Rosemary - anti-bacterial

  • Spearmint - for cooling & freshness

  • Lavender - anti-inflammatory

  • Raspberry - strengthens uterine & pelvic muscles

  • Calendula - anti-fungal, post-natal support

What You’ll Need

Jar of Yoni Temple custom herb blend for yoni v steaming

  • Yoni Steam Herbal Blend - Ours is made in house by clinical herbalist and owner, Ashley

  • A towel or blanket to wrap around yourself

  • Boiling water

  • A bowl with something to cover it

Optional: Yoni Steam Stool - We offer hand-crafted stools by a local artist from beautiful Cypress wood and large enough to accomodate someone of any size


Set an intention for the session and create a comfortable atmosphere. Light a candle, diffuse some essential oils, dim the lights.

Now pour boiling water over your herbs in a bowl, cover and let steep until steam is a comfortable temperature.This is important! if steam is too hot, immediately stop and wait a few more minutes. What’s comfortable for your hand may not be the same as what’s comfortable for your Yoni.

Place your bowl underneath a yoni steam stool or in your toilet and sit with a blanket or towel wrapped around yourself to trap the steam.

Relax and enjoy!

Don’t forget to pick up some herbs or a yoni stool at your next visit!

Lots of Love, The Yoni Temple Team


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